Snack Time

Super Size Me

Just a little bite from one of my favorite discoveries, Kika Vargas.

This beauty from Colombia is a woman after my own heart. She loves puffy sleeves, volume anywhere and everywhere, ditsy prints (small in scale) and colors that make me swoon. Inspired by her love for artists and architects and their process of creating, Kika uniquely creates her own works of art with her unique pairing of textures and patterns and fun silhouettes that effortlessly give garments personality, movement and an instant outfit. Her items work equally well back to work, at brunch or on a night out.

I took 3 beauties from her collection and started shooting in my regular boring apartment when hunger pains started to kick in. So, I got myself together, my Kika Vargas haul, my camera and went to the one restaurant that always welcomes me, McDonald’s.

If you know me you know two things: One, I don’t discriminate when or where I wear my nice items. Two, I have had many a personal story or adventure at or around a McDonald’s. You may think, yuck, wait this is both weird and gross Sarah and to that I would say, I don’t care.

First Up, The Mila Polo. This taffeta, short sleeve top with a peplum hem makes me feel so chic and “no brain required” cool, which is great because I used all my brain cells this am answering every “why” question imaginable from my kids.

This top would look fantastic with the following:

  • Leggings or skinny pants with a heel and a red lip, “think Grease”… love!

  • A denim short and a striped sailor shirt underneath, like how I did it below, for the Parisian vibe.

  • Tomboy inspired pants, khakis or jeans, even the beat up holey kind, a simple sneaker, sandal or heel.

  • In the winter try a black or cream turtleneck, or my always fav, a stripe. A denim jacket over it would look amazing with the shiny taffeta.

  • For those who want a waist, try a belt that cinches at the start of the peplum.

The Mila Polo or other Kika taffeta items can be found from these retailers: Nordstroms, SSENSE, Hampden Clothing, Nordstroms

After repeat honks to get out of the drive thru, I charmed myself into the restaurant to finish my main objective, the #1 (for non McDonald’s pros this is the Big Mac). It seemed only right to pair one culinary masterpiece with a fashion masterpiece. This garment makes me so happy and even happier that the Big Mac and my Kika Top were very photogenic together, who knew?!

This Blazer/Jacket would look amazing with the following:

  • Jeans, white t-shirt, easy all day every day or denim on denim and throw this on top.

  • A tulle skirt or other puffy skirt. Try belting the blazer so that you give yourself a waist and shape. Always important when pairing two larger fitting items together.

  • Denim shorts and a pink oxford, like I did below. I belted the jacket with a classic navy military belt, which I have in every color and use often when styling, found on Amazon.

Kika Vargas jackets that are similar in shape or pattern can be found from these retailers: Nordstroms, SSENSE Nordstroms,

I opted out of a shake and instead tried every sauce with my McNuggets which for balance worked well with the original designed starfish jacket. This classic cotton jacket with a twist makes it an easy staple for everyday use.

This jacket would look amazing with:

  • Blacks, navies and creams. Let the print stand on its own, a tonal look with your other styled pieces helps accomplish that.

  • Pull out a color from the print like a brighter citron or another acid color. Try pairing it on the bottom to have contrast to the darker print on top or use it as an accent color in your shoes or accessories.

  • Try it with denim or a mens striped oxford as I did below. I like the proportions of the shirt to be longer than the jacket. It feels stylized without trying too hard.

This jacket and print can be found at these retailers: Matches, Bergdorf Goodman

That’s it for now, time for a nap. As always send all your Dirty Laundry to

x Sarah

Re-Spin Me Baby

It’s Laundry Day and I brought some friends home.

I was beyond honored to be asked to contribute to the newly launched website Re-Spin started by the effortless cool and iconic, Halle Berry. Re-Spin is place to learn how to connect, nourish and strengthen all parts of yourself. You can find helpful articles and advice on traditional ideas but articulated in a new way. Halle’s own personal journey to finding what her healthy life looked like help birthed this site.

I have in my own ways been re-spinning my ideas of fashion and clothing for along time. How I wear it, how I embrace myself in what I wear and how maybe others embrace me and my ideas. I don’t come from the fashion elite nor have I found any of my little success through connections. I am just a girl who found my entry into this fashion madness by luck. In middle school and high school I started writing down all my outfits in a calendar so that I would never repeat a look. Yes, every single outfit, every single day.  I’m crazy.  I would carefully examine each item I owned and would challenge myself to think about styling those items differently every time.  I never knew what a stylist was but I was training myself without even knowing it.  As we often are in our young life, I was deeply insecure about my looks.  I was too gawky, too skinny, too boy-like, not sexy, not cute, just always the “friend.”  Clothes, and how I styled them on myself, became my armour and my entry to finding my own self expression. I learned that I could become the person I wanted with the items I chose to put on my body. If one day I wanted to be girly with a dress, so be it. Or the next day I want to wear a head-to-toe tracksuit and feel more jock, great.  I had no rules, I just played.

For a long time, I have drooled on my computer over the brands in this haul, even written about some of them before here. When Re-Spin asked me to dive deeper into them I was like, hell yes, I’m going shopping! What are they like in person, is that photo a reality of what they will be like when I get them? So, I got some goodies, tried them on and I am here to share my findings. I hope you enjoy it.

Meet Christina Alcalay. I have talked about this thoughtful and beautiful human before. She makes clothing that are both comfortable, easy and romantic. Like all of us, Christina has a story. And hers is rich with love, challenges, success and heartbreak, along with a strong desire to dress women as the unstoppable and confident beings that they are. Christina gives us clothes that don’t make us think, instead they enable us to just walk in a room and own it.  I love the stories she tells with her clothes through the photos found on her website and her Instagram. Her clothing is available through her website and a few boutiques, she also offers to New Yorkers a Try Before You Buy program.  Here is my haul from Christina Alcalay.

The Gretchen Pant. It’s Saturday, I’m tired and I want something comfortable for my bloated pancake belly.  This cotton pull-on pant in a thin lilac stripe is the easy fix for the “I just want to be comfortable” mood.  Pair it with a slim fitted t-shirt, a denim jacket or a sweatshirt and you can easily stay in them all day and feel good about yourself; or, if you dare to go outside, you won’t be embarrassed to run into people you know.  This pant also doubles as an easy fix for dinner out or, yikes, work in a real office! Try it with a flirty blouse--I like sticking to creams or navys with this color stripe, or an oversized sweater and a heel. It has large pockets that can hold that computer--I mean phone--you are carrying around. 

The Zelda Pant. Yes, people this is a pant!!!! I got this and I was like, oh another amazing skirt, great! Oh no, it is no skirt, no skirt at all!  This 100% silk organza floral number has a wide leg pant and it is f&*$ing fantastic! I love pants that have a secret. It is light, airy and oh so chic with sandals or sneakers, a simple tank top or a white button down. It is a little sheer, however, the floral pattern hides a lot around the waist. My suggestion would be to try it with a nude biker short like undergarment or high waisted underwear.  Either way, these pants are amazing for dressy events in your life or the casual ones.  It is a showstopper.

The Marie Jumpsuit. Marie is so elegant without even trying.  She comes in lilac and denim with a self belt. The higher halter neck and pleated pants make this a no-brainer when your brain is stuck on what to wear.  Try it with a simple strappy sandal or a low heel; a kitten heel height (which is around 1-2 inches high) which would prevent the legs from being too short. I love the idea of treating this jumpsuit as another pant in my closet vs. just a single use jumpsuit. The duality gives it more life.  I synced a men’s inspired blazer over the top creating the illusion that I have high waisted pants on, perfect for dinner or work.  The next day I can wear the same jumpsuit with a striped button down loosely tied in a knot at the waist, showing off the top part of the jumpsuit. It's perfect for the weekend farmers market or the playground.

The Emily Blouse. Never met an off the shoulder I didn’t like.  I love the way this lilac thin stripe blouse shows off my clavicle and both shoulders or one, whatever I prefer.  (I will decide, thank you very much.) Throw it in your bag for a beach day with an opposing stripe bathing suit. Try it with the matching Gretchen pant above, separating the fabrics with a belt or denim around the waist. Maybe you pair it with your favorite beat up jeans and a heel.  I even love mixing this causal cotton with a soft leather pant for a night out in the summer.  This top is busy because she works well with others.

Long Sleeve Silk Organza Dress. This 100% silk floral beauty is so stunning in person. The way it moves when I move and the way the light catches the fabric makes me feel like I need to have a tea party, followed by a dancing party, followed by a stroll anywhere where people can see me because I look and feel like a million bucks. I want to wear this dress with everything!  It feels like more than a dress and more like a bonus to my basic wardrobe pieces: throw it over a tank and jeans, tie at the waist and let it flow open, it is my flair.  Throw my dirty hoodie over and my retro sneakers and, great, fab I am casual chic. Add a classic fitted button down underneath and amazing I’m so fancy you can take me out. In the colder months I would even pair the dress open under a trench coat or heavy wool coat as a little layer peaking out. I can’t love this dress more! It also comes with a self belt that for extra credit you can tie in your hair for that pirate meets prairie look you know you want.

The Jaime Dress. Oh Jaime, you are simple but oh, so not simple in all the best ways. The pleats on this dress make it hang so elegantly on the body. The front and back pleats are each beautifully designed and very forgiving.  This is a perfect dress for a summer night, either belted or free as a bird.  It comes in white, lilac stripe or a light khaki gingham. The thin straps and long back make the dress sexy in a very subtle way, so tie your hair up and show off that skin.  I love this dress styled on its own or with a few more layers.  Here I added a classic military belt in cream high on the waist and under a crisp white slim fitting button-down with the sleeves rolled up. Stick to the same color family and you are cool man.

Meet Royal Harlem Jelly. I have mentioned this mother and daughter duo behind this Harlem brand before, and yes their talent is oozing out.  Their classic shapes and silhouettes paired with bold African inspired prints make their items both easily wearable and a powerful statement, unlike what you see everyday on the streets. I have long been a fan of their work and their collaborations. I think they have a great eye and I was honored to have their items finally in my home for a try on session.  Here is my haul from Royal Harlem Jelly.

The Blaze Blazer. Ok, so I love a suit, I love the head-to-toe matching look but I also love the option to de-suit each item.  Finding ways to give life to each piece individually feeds my creative side and my frugal side.  So when the blazer and its matching pant arrived at my house, my head started spinning with ideas. I paired it as a full suit on its own with nothing underneath, just a belt tight around to keep me covered and PG. 

I added a bold men's style striped button down under to support and highlight the bold African print.  I paired a blazer with my favorite vintage Levi’s and the Habibi popover, which is more of a thin stripe and has a boxy oversized cut, and for extra credit I added a sequin bralette over the popover.  Maybe I am going out, maybe I am not, who cares. 

For a more casual vibe I paired an oversized sweatshirt with the slim patterned pants.  Don’t be intimidated by this bold pattern or any pattern Royal Jelly has to offer. It CAN work on you.  When in doubt, try pairing it with denim and classic items like t-shirts, hoodies, and button downs.  Also remember a stripe is basically a neutral so it can go nicely paired with all of these bolder prints. Tip: stick to the same color palette when styling with bold prints. You can always add a pop of color in an accessory but similar colors in clothing keep the outfit less chaotic.

The Jenny Pant. Jenny is sweet and pink but packs a lot of punch.  This cotton slim pant has pockets and a flexible waistband which is always a win for me.  I love this color pink played off of a bright citron yellow, here shown in a blazer with a hoodie underneath, perfect for cooler Fall temperatures. I also love it with--surprise, surprise--a stripe! This preppy long sleeve tee ( a vintage military stripe) and sparkly heels makes for a perfect work to dinner look. 

Chun Liu Dress. Well, I had no idea a floral cotton dress would make me as insane as this one does, but it did. I think I gasped out loud to myself.  The Mandarian inspired collar, keyhole neck, slits up the side, wrapped up in a floral dress.  It is so yummy, that is all I can say. On it’s own it is a stunning easy dress for play or work or beach. Paired with a denim jacket it is an easy repeat look.  Another fun option is to open both sides where the slits are--I added a tulle skirt under so that it peeks through plus a larger than life belt and, viola, a new personality. You could also try the same idea by putting slim pants or jeans underneath.

This dress can also perfectly find its way into your Fall rotation.  Try adding a navy slim fitting turtleneck and some matching tights and nobody will know you had this dress on the beach a few months ago. 

Meet Officine General, the French brand that instantly makes me feel way cooler than I actually am. OG is another brand that I have obsessed over from afar and grateful to finally see their items IRL, and they did not disappoint.  I love their storytelling on their site and through their instagram. Pierre Maheo, the talent behind the label, has excellent taste that extends to mens and womens. They have stores in Paris and London, ship internationally and can be found in a few US boutiques.  One day I will meet chic Pierre for a drink in Paris, pretend I speak his language and that I am cool and hopefully he will become my friend. But, until then I will simply pretend I am one badass French girl living in NYC and wear his clothes on repeat. The champagne problem with clothing from Officine General is that all their garments are easily interchangeable.  Ugh, why are you so good?! The fabrics are really high quality and feel amazing on my unshaven legs.  I am also obsessed with their fit.  It is just enough boy to get me in that “cool man, yeah ok bro” mindset but also just enough girly to put me back in my “oh, yes girl you are a little sexy aren’t you?” Here is my haul from Officine General.

So here I took a mashup of the Alana Pajama Shirt and introduced her to my other new favorite friends, the Ella Linen Shirt, matching Miranda Linen Pants and the collarless Heloise Jacket. They had a baby and, well, we are really proud of her. 

The pajama shirt also has a matching pajama pant, which in my world is always a good idea. Match away and bring your pajamas outside of your bedroom. Each of these items looks great on its own. The top would look amazing with cut off shorts or open with a swimsuit for the summer, or tucked into wool pants in the winter.  The pajama pant can easily take you into fall when paired with a chunky sweater or heavy blazer or jacket.

I cried a little when I put the Ella Linen Shirt and matching Miranda Linen Pants on.  Yes, they are that good.  The drawstring waist, the beautiful blue linen.  I feel like I could have personally swept Grace Kelly off her feet. I love how casual and elegant these pieces instantly look and feel.  Try with a sandal or sneaker or a heel in a pop color.  A bright blazer and a simple shoe would also look fantastic with this.  Don't be afraid to move these traditional Spring/Summer items into your Fall rotation, ideally with other fabrics like denim, maybe some rhinestones, cashmere or chunky wool to help offset the linen. Also don’t be afraid of a double collar and cuff styled here.

The Paola Jacket and matching Miranda Pants are a sexy pair in satin.  The light pink goes well off of that blue linen top but also more saturated colors like navy, black and hunter greens. This suit would be a beautiful option as a guest at a wedding versus a traditional dress.  Try it with a bodysuit or a slim shirt and some jewels and you are as good as gold.   

Who says women can’t have a double breasted jacket? I say steal everything from the boys and never give it back.  This Maely’s Jacket in lightweight wool and matching Pierre Pants has a cropped leg and pleated front.  I love them together with these Asahi Sneakers or with a simple pointed heel and a basic tank or tee. Have a favorite concert tee or beat up sweatshirt? Try pairing it underneath.

The blazer buttoned up is chic AF over jeans, with shorts or over a shorter skirt. Okay to even go more girly over tulle or a sequin skirt for different kind of win.  

Also I am approving most mixing of different suits with different materials.  Try the Heloise Jacket with the Pierre Pants for a cotton and wool combo.  The key is that the colors are in the same family so they easily can work together but also sync more effortlessly when with a grounded color, in this case the black accent in the shoe grounds the two lighter shades. The fabrics themselves are different enough they add interest in their opposing texture vs competing with each other. 

And here is that collarless Heloise Jacket again paired with that amazing matching Lauren Pant and the Alana Pajama Shirt.  I told you all their things worked harmoniously together.  I love this khaki cotton pant for its shorter length and self ring belt.  If you level up a few sizes, you can easily get the paper bag look.  This update to a classic mens suit with a more fitted jacket is French chic at its best.

So I spent my wad on this haul and possibly ran out of words to write, because I only know just a few.  Life is somewhat heading back to normal so find your way to re-spin your own wardrobe with some of the old and some of the new. Have fun, discovering these brands or other new ones. Make sure to check out ReSpin both on web and Instagram and as always send your Dirty Laundry to

X Sarah

I Need A Prom Date

a corsage and to be in bed by 10.

It’s Laundry Day and We’re Going To Prom.

Ok, so mabye you all don’t need a prom dress or prom already happened in your house but maybe you can have some fun for a moment and play dress up with me, is that so hard? Maybe you have a baby shower or will be a guest at a wedding this summer and need a dress. Maybe you are like me and have no place to go but want another fun dress to own so you can dress up for yourself while you clean your apartment.

Fun fact: I decided to look like a picnic table for my prom and I stand behind my decision. Shown here, like 22 years ago, with my still-bestie today. (Sorry D, I couldn’t find the photo of your eyes open.) I still own that dress, I can’t breath as well in it but still somewhat presentable. Also, my high school prom date was a friend who not only is a great dancer but is pee-in-your-pants funny. He is now on TV and you can see his handsome mug every morning…mmmm who could it be??

My friend and photographer Mei Tao asked me to help her daughter Dashiel get ready for prom and I jumped at the chance to pretend I was 17 again. The rules: the look had to be under $800, had to be an item she could wear again and it couldn’t look like every other prom dress but it also couldn’t be an outfit that stuck out too much in her group of friends. Shit…ok, hope this goes well.

Maybe Dashiel would love all my options so much, think I was so cool and even ask me to stop by her after party and dance with all he young friends. Nope, that didn’t happen at all but the mama and teen duo came vaccinated, tested and she did try everything on I got— and by she I mean I did as well, I can’t help myself. She looked insanely beautiful in everything and left with a half smile, which seems like a huge win from a teen. Here are some things we played with.

The Serious Polka Dot. This tulle polka-dot number from Maria Lucia Hohan satisfied Dashiel’s teen angst side. The corset paired with the flutter sleeve gives this dress just enough edge while still being flirty. The higher waist would be great with a belt for an added layer of texture, even if in the same color. I love the idea of wearing this dress to an evening wedding or even just dinner out with low gladiator like sandal or in the colder months with a not-so chunky combat boot. The dress is polyester and would be easy to shorten. Below are a few options that are similar.

Plus Size Shein Dress Outyfit Sandro Asos Self Portrait

Wowza. This dress is if Johnny Weir + DVF (circa Studio 54) had a baby. I love the vibe of this Galvan dress because it is all gown without being traditional. The two tone colors knotted together with a side slit and a conservative high neck are a win. Because I don’t discriminate I would totally wear this dress out on the town, to an event or with sneakers and a denim jacket or oversized blazer. Below are a few options that are similar.

Asos Ebay Cinq A Sept Galvan Jenny Packham Halpern

What Meeting? This blazer dress from Rasario is what I would wear if I had a suitcase of hard cold cash. Or if you are 17 and wanted a Zendaya vibe. The color, fabric and slim fit of this dress screams cool and sexy and suitable for a party or a cocktail with yourself and your lawyer. Layer it with a turtleneck for colder months or a crisp white button down for that pantless look all the kids are doing. Don’t feel pressure too wear a high heel in this, a low shoe easily makes this blazer dress an option for dinner. Below are a few options that are similar.

Zara Jay Godfrey Self Portrait Balenciaga Zara Good American

Dancing Queen. I mean this metallic jumpsuit from Retrofete makes me want to dance under a disco ball all day and night. The lamé fabric is nice and easy on the skin and I love how quick this jumpsuit gets you feeling dressed up. It might not be for everyone during prom season but it would be killer out on a date or a great alternative to a dress for a wedding. Below are a few options that are similar.

Norma Kamali Retrofete Galvan Ted Baker Tibi Yoox

Is That My Child? This deep cut dress from Gauge 81 makes you wonder if a grown woman took over your sweet young baby or if you are a grown woman, it should remind you that you still got it. The color is vibrant and unlike most dresses you see, the cut and extreme shoulder pads give a little something extra to this stretchy number. The key to any dress with this color and fabric is to keep it elevated. Make sure shoes are simple, they don’t need to be sky high or double platform. Jewelry and makeup also should be to a minimum. Below are a few options that are similar

Gauge 81 DiorBella Alice & Olivia Aggi Bebe Aritzia

Take Me To Tea. This take on a lady dress from Self Portrait is an easy closet piece to own, I love the addition of the corset to this sweet lady vibe. Self Portrait always has great girly dresses, perfect for showers, summer cocktail parties, graduations or any gathering for that matter. Keep it sweet with simple shoes or make it edgy with an ankle boot. Below are a few options that are similar.

Self Portrait Chi Chi London Anthropologie

Charo Ruiz Ibiza Dress the Population Self Portrait

Someone please take me out. This is my desperate attempt to convince you I clean up ok and worthy of a night at the ballet or a dive bar, same thing. I love this Hellessy dress so much I am so sad I returned it. The fishtail hem, puff sleeves and knotted detail at the thigh…I mean, it is so good!!! Below are a few options that are similar.

Acler Cinq A Sept Orchard Mile Hellessy

Sies Marjan Acler Nowachic

Winning. This gold stunner from Stella McCartney (on sale) is so fun in person. It moves easily to any beat your body moves to. The shape around the hips is forgiving to most body types and you can try with or without a belt, it would look great with a denim jacket or fitted blazer. This dress is a winner for me for any occasion and any season. Below are a few options that are similar.

Stella McCartney Skirt Etsy Shrimps Batsheva Rhode

Sorry, what? This is one of those dress that looks like a simple black lace dress but then it throws you a glare and struts closer with its tight hips and sexy plunging back and is like “I’m sorry, are you looking at me?” This Alessandra Rich dress sadly sold out but below are some other show stoppers.

Johnathan Simkhai Norma Kamali Rasario Alessandra Rich

Hamel N21 Asos BooHoo Plus

Who’s this strange lady Mom? I want to frolic in fields in a commercial about baby food in this dress or “play tea party” with every 4 year old in the tri-state area. I feel sweet, girly and slightly ridiculous, so win. These pink ruffle dresses are from Marchesa Notte and Love Shack Fancy. Wear it to a baby shower, a wedding or brunch with yourself. Try with some Stan Smith sneakers, a sweet ballet flat or a sparkly heel, just don’t take yourself too seriously. Below are a few options that are similar.

Love Shack Fancy Asos Kikiriki Cynthia Rowley Kikiriki

Michelle Pfeiffer, eat your heart out. This Attico wrap dress is all the 70’s vibes I love. On its own it is simple, cool and forgiving around the hips. Try with a mens’s tux blazer over it for a cool night or a long coat that hits close to the hem. Below are a few options that are similar.

The Frankie Shop Amen Zara Reformation Eloquii Plus

That’s all the Prom I have in me, so happy I am not 17 anymore. As always send all your Dirty Laundry to

x Sarah

Snack Time

Ain't She Pretty

Hungry for something simple and beautiful? Me too, let’s snack.

Marina Cortbawi can do simple, feminine and elegant in her sleep. Her line Merlette offers beautiful and easy every-day staples for women. By not following trends, Merlette’s slow fashion approach focuses on more thoughtful designs that in turn have a longer life span in your closet. Her pieces pay close attention to the subtle, showing us that beauty is in the details. Simple and often forgiving shapes and silhouettes provide versatility for both body types and seasons. The thing is, you don’t have to think much when styling with Merlette, their pieces are elegant on their own. Here I just took a few of my own closet basics to layer with her current collection. Jeans, a white button down, a military belt, a turtleneck and some jewelry.

Asha Tote This tote drives me crazy, it is so beautiful! The collaboration with artisans from India to create this basket weave pattern is so stunning in person. I love this take on a classic shape. This bag also comes in black and a black and white pattern (if the all white scares you), however they can easily be spot-cleaned.

The Wilding Blouse This blouse makes me feel all giddy and romantic inside. I love an off the shoulder and this simple, almost unnoticeable, contrast hand-stitching makes this off the shoulder not like the others. This shirt looks great tucked into jeans, shorts or over your swimsuit. I am a sucker for a puffy sleeve, so the elastic cuff makes it easy to push these up and make that happen. This beauty is light weight and easy to pack for travel.

The Luna. Wherever you have to go, Luna can join. She is extra pretty and fits everything you could need. She also comes with a strap for an over the shoulder hands free vibe. Don’t be too slick, so try pairing this silk satin baby with a non-shiny outfit—let this fabrication stand on its own.

The Sargent Pant. Easy, comfortable and cool. This pant is causal enough with a sandal and swim or dressy enough with a heel for work. The wide leg and ankle length are always my jam. The slight paper-bag pleats at the waistband look great with a belt for additional texture. This pant also comes in black.

The Siddal Dress Oh she is so easy and packs a great punch. I love her loose and flowly with sandals or belted with a sneaker. I love her with a denim jacket, a bright sweater over or with a turtleneck or button down layered underneath for transitional weather. Merlette does these type of dresses really well. Check out the all the other long and short versions.

The Majorelle Blouse. You had me at smocking. This was my intro to the brand, part of their core collection and in heavy rotation. The detail in the yoke makes this a showstopper no matter the styling or occasion. Put under a blazer or with a crisp button down underneath. I have been known to belt it or tuck it all into a high waisted pant.

The Paz Blouse This beauty is the cute younger sister to the Majorelle above. She’s short sleeved, snaps on the shoulder, which I like to keep open, and that smocking you know I love. This powder blue is even cute on an infrequent beach-goer like me. I happened to have a pair of pants that matched this perfectly, however this blouse would look beautiful with white, khaki, navy or denim bottoms.

Hope you enjoyed your snack. As always send your all your Dirty Laundry to

x Sarah

Let's Talk About Socks

Not just for your sweaty foot.

It’s Laundry Day and surprising to nobody I own a lot of socks.

I have a huge drawer of socks and I’m not apologizing for it. Socks are the forgotten accessories. The item we lose in the dryer or under the couch. The item we forget can add so much to our look. I love socks in the winter for the obvious reasons of keeping my feet warm but also the sneaky color or pattern you see under my pants or peaking out from my boots. I also love socks when the weather gets nicer and I want to start adjusting my feet and legs back to normal interaction with society. Socks are a great way to add a little extra interest to your look and your shoes. So don’t be afraid to style them in a non-traditional way. From tube socks to patterns to nylon, so many companies offer tons of options for you to play with. Here are just a few ideas.

Kule. The tube sock with a friendly face. Kule is the pace to go for the fun, don’t take myself-too-seriously, sock. She has great patterns, funny faces and sayings like my favorite Oh Sh*T all on the classic white tube sock. Her socks look great with a sneaker and shorts or a short skirt or even with a heel. I love pairing these with a girly shoe and skirt for a high-low vibe. The trick to getting the tube sock to not bunch at the narrow point of the toe is to fold the sock seams slightly under you foot.

Here are a few other tube socks I love.Amazon HuckBerry Pendleton Free People

Gucci These logo beauties were a gift and I love the retro vibe of them and the color brown. I love pairing these with a slim black pant or legging and yanking them all the way up, add a sexy pointed heel and I am singing “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease. Black and brown are great colors together so don’t be afraid to play. Here are are other brown socks I love for you to add to the mix. NIKE Canoe Club Pretty Little Things Ganni ColorPatterns

RHUDE Ok, yes another tube sock but I just love the graphic nature of this one and I love most things in this line designed by Rhuigi Villaseñ. I wear these socks with my slippers and my sparkly heels, I don’t discriminate. Here are a few others like this I love. RHUDE RHUDE MOTHER Saturdays NYC MOTHER Lucky Honey

Nylon I love a sexy nylon sock, black or any color. These type of socks are an easy upgrade to any look or shoe. Wear with these socks under pants, or any bottom of your choice. Pair with heels, a loafer, flat or try a classic sneaker. I love the elegance and the lazy way to get style fast. So many companies now offer these types of socks for endless options to fill your sock drawer. I love taking a heel that has an ankle strap and wrapping its around the sock so that it looks like the sock is almost part of the shoe. Or pairing a bright color with a similar color shoe for a tonal look. Be sure to hang dry any nylon socks after washing. Here are a few other options I love. RomWe Shein Etsy WalMart Etsy Free People Nasty Gal Etsy Asos Shein & Other Stories Happy Socks Happy Socks Le Point Tabio Yoox

UPS Are these weird? Maybe, but I love them and that is all I have to say on that. I love a good ankle sock which provides a better leg, skirt, dress or short proportion. Here are some other ankle socks I love. SeeVees Madewell Sweaty Betty Gucci

Metallic. Who doesn’t love a little extra shine at their toes? A metallic or foil sock is another great way to add interest to your feet game. These type of socks come in fun colors and look great with sneakers, heels and flats and are not just reserved for the holidays so try them in your regular rotation. Here are a few others I love. Boux Avenue JDR Pantastic Amazon Sandro

Happy Socking. As always send all your Dirty Laundry to

x Sarah

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