Word To Your Mother

Earth Day is Every Day.

It’s Laundry Day and Earth Day so make sure you’re using Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent.

Hi, It’s Earth Day! Like all these dedicated days that we see talked about on social, in print, the news, emails or with our friends, I personally struggle with the idea that we are just taking one day or one month to focus on important issues. I believe we should be celebrating women, diversity and the Earth every day. I do however understand that having dedicated days like these are reminders for us to take stock. Am I doing enough, how can I be better? And the truth is, I could always use those reminders, odds are I am failing in some way. I try to be a good citizen on this planet Earth, but I could always be better. And my chosen industry, fashion, could also be better. So today, like everyday, I am trying to learn, read more and educate myself on how I can better the Earth and support brands that are eco-friendly not just in mission but also in execution. Sometimes I may be great at it and sometimes I may be meh. I am not a perfect consumer but I am working at it because I do believe in making changes for the greater good.

The fashion industry doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to the environment, we are the world’s second largest polluter. Garments that don’t use organic cotton or sustainable fabrics have toxins and fertilizers in them that get dumped into rivers and oceans in the countries they are produced; same goes for toxic dyes found in some garments. Making clothing also requires a ton of water, often in already compromised areas. We, especially in the Western world, are also piling up our landfills with clothing that takes about 25-40 years to decompose. Only 15% of our clothing is donated or recycled.

So, here is a quick roundup of some brands in fashion, home and beauty that are trying to do their part. Along with a few ideas that can help us all be better Earth citizens.

Tradlands has a great concept. Not only do they offer sustainable clothing that cares for the environment, they also offer a Worn Well Exchange program that provides a marketplace for you to buy and sell pre-loved Tradlands items. I also appreciate their size diversity that makes their items friendly to most body types.

Lavett and Chin. This husband and wife duo not only make beautiful products for hair and skin but they truly believe in recycling and doing their part for the environment. I am obsessed with their original sea salt spray for the perfect beach hair.

Girlfriend Collective is a fantastic activewear company that offers a wide selection of sizes and ethically produced garments. They offer transparency into how their garments are made, and on select items they donate to environmental charities that protect wildlife and our oceans.

BeeKeeper’s Naturals is a very cool brand that I own lots of products from. I especially love their kids throat spray. Their goal is to bring awareness to the fight to save the bees, since we all we know by now how essential their existence is in providing a better planet Earth.

Nisolo is an interesting and forward-thinking company that not only commits itself to sustainable materials but also to be 0% Net Carbon. They are so transparent with their mission to be eco-friendly that they show how their headquarters operates to do their part.

The Citizenry is a home store that partners with local artisans from around the globe for ethical and sustainable items. They produce small batches of goods to cut down on waste and donate a portion of their profits directly back into communities. Each item on their site tells the story of where it was made.

Vitamin A is a beautiful and sustainable swimwear line that strongly believes in their duty to protect our Earth. Their swimsuits are all made from recycled nylon and they go into great detail on how they are making changes in their factories, packaging and distribution.

Entireworld offers simple and cool clothing in sustainable fabrics. They have strict guidelines that their factories must follow to ensure their mission to help planet Earth.

Dear Survivor is a fantastic brand whose company mission is “There is power in the consumer market, let’s use it for good.” Their metals are upcycled and they donate a portion of their proceeds to fight human trafficking.

Baggu is the queen of the reusable shopping bag. I love their fun and playful take on a now essential-for-life product. Their bags are designed to eliminate as much waste as possible in production along with using recycled nylon and canvas.

Cuyana is a brand that pays close attention to the detail of their items, especially how they are made. Almost 100% of their products are made from sustainable materials. They also offer a zero-waste collection that aims to combat industry issues with wasteful production.

Outerknown offers sustainable clothing for men and women. They stand committed to organic materials, renewed/recycled fibers and fair trade.

Maria McManus offers timeless and beautifully constructed women’s clothing with the planet in mind by offering garments in recycled nylon, organic cashmere and cotton and recycled paper. I adore her line.

Veja is an awesome sneaker company that makes cool simple shoes for men, women and kids. They offer a comprehensive look into their company and how their shoes are made, transparency into their process and what they are doing to change the norms. They were the first company to offer a sneaker completely made of recycled water bottles.

OurPlace is my new favorite discovery. I am obsessed with this pan as I cook non-stop for my bottomless-pit kids. This pan can literally do everything and comes with a steamer for veggies, in addition to a basket steamer for dumplings. This company is strongly committed to factories that follow their environmental guidelines along with using sustainable materials.

KOTN is a great company that offers classic sustainable clothing for men, women and home that also honors the people and places they are made. They are committed to using organic cottons and environment friendly factories.

Patagonia has always stood behind the environment and the sustainability of their products. Their Worn Wear program offers you the opportunity to send in your old Patagonia gear for credit to their store. They also sell second-hand Patagonia items along with re-crafted garments from recycled Patagonia jackets.


The online consignment and resell market is huge. There are countless brick-and-mortar consignment shops along with online stores that sell and buy clothing at all price points: TheRealReal, ThredUp, Asos Marketplace, Material World, Grailed, Heroine, Tradsey, LePrix, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange


Giving to others is always a win and I do believe that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. These companies give you the option to donate clothing that is still in good, wearable shape: Dress for Success, Free the Girls, One Warm Coat, Planet Aid Soles 4 Souls


Many companies now make it easier for you to recycle your items if donation or resell are not an option. Blue Jeans Go Green provides stores that take drop-offs or mail-in options for denim recycling. Terra Cycle is another great company that will send you a box and you send back all the fabrics you want to be recycled; home fabrics and other baby and household items welcomed.

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